Taylor Wessing Portraits Prize 2015

Since 2003, the National Portrait Gallery of London organizes each year the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (formerly called Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize and Photographic Portrait Prize) : a competition dedicated to portraits, submitted by amateur or professional worldwide photographers. Among the 6000 submissions, 60 photographs are first selected. The director of the gallery choses the winners. Here’s a selection of this year’s contest.

taylorwessing-5-900x601Photo by Sarah Lee/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.

taylorwessing-1-900x694Photo by David Stewart/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.

taylorwessing-2-900x675Photo by Anoush Abrar/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.

taylorwessing-3-900x720Photo by Ivor Prickett/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.

taylorwessing-4-900x1125Photo by Tereza Červeňová/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.

taylorwessing-6-900x600Photo by Sophie Ebrard/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.

taylorwessing-7-900x600Photo by Gillian Laub/Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015.


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