Australian Life Prize 2015

Here are the winners of 2015 Australian Life Prize. A moving selection of snapshots that portray the daily life of Australian people, from Sidney suburbs to the rocks of Arnhem Land.

a-glance-from-backstage-photo-by-conor-ashleighaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x600A Glance from Backstage. (Photo by Conor Ashleigh/Australian Life Prize 2015).

call-to-prayer-a-young-girl-plays-on-her-phone-in-front-of-muslim-men-as-they-take-evening-prayer-in-lakemba-photo-by-jeremy-piperaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x566Call to Prayer. A young girl plays on her phone in front of Muslim men as they take evening prayer in Lakemba. (Photo by Jeremy Piper/Australian Life Prize 2015).

children-cooling-off-at-dhiari-homeland-local-children-get-wet-and-cool-in-arnhem-land-photo-by-matthew-abbottaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x630Children Cooling Off at Dhiari Homeland. Local children get wet and cool in Arnhem Land. (Photo by Matthew Abbott/Australian Life Prize 2015).

even-when-the-rain-falls-sports-teams-gather-and-play-across-australia-despite-the-weather-photo-by-john-appleyardaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x599Even When the Rain Falls. Sports teams gather and play across Australia despite the weather. (Photo by John Appleyard/Australian Life Prize 2015)

floatie-photo-by-henrique-fanti-floatieaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x600Floatie. (Photo by Henrique Fanti-Floatie/Australian Life Prize 2015).

jerry-at-home-photo-by-fergus-leeseaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x600Jerry at Home. (Photo by Fergus Leese/Australian Life Prize 2015).

market-street-sydney-photo-by-michael-keeversaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x598Market Street, Sydney. (Photo by Michael Keevers/Australian Life Prize 2015).

megaburst-approaching-a-sailor-aboard-his-yacht-tries-to-outrun-a-massive-microburst-off-the-coast-of-sydneye28099s-northern-beaches-photo-by-jeremy-piperaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x582Megaburst Approaching. A sailor aboard his yacht tries to outrun a massive microburst off the coast of Sydney’s northern beaches. (Photo by Jeremy Piper/Australian Life Prize 2015).

ocean-lovers-michaela-skovranovae28099s-underwater-dream-series-explores-the-state-between-dreams-and-reality-photo-by-michaela-skovranovaaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x600Ocean Lovers. Michaela Skovranova’s underwater dream series explores the state between dreams and reality. (Photo by Michaela Skovranova/Australian Life Prize 2015).

snapshot-photo-by-jimmy-leaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x600Snapshot. (Photo by Jimmy Le/Australian Life Prize 2015).

stretch-photo-by-paul-blackmoreaustralian-life-prize-2015-900x600Stretch. (Photo by Paul Blackmore/Australian Life Prize 2015).


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