The Myth Makers: Collaborative art projects by Andy Moerlein & Donna Dodson



  • The Realist represents the Red Tail Hawk, the most common of the raptors and a determined competitor, portraying the notion that everyone has a killer instict, a desire to fly and an ambition to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame.
  • The Great Spirit signifies an owl, a humble leader that embraces the strengths and weaknesses of humanity and inspires from a spiritual perspective.
  • The Scold symbolizes a crow, a raucous chatterbox and gregarious gadfly that holds a strong opinion.
  • The Tourist portrays the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, a lively bird that is drawn to the vibrant character of the city and strives to shape culture with its spontaneous personality.
  • Representing a falcon, The Taste Maker is an idealist, a philosopher and an opinionated vocalist with a social vision.

Concord Monitor – 26-foot-tall Owl Sculpture to go from Bow to N.Y.C.
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Artist Initiative – Avian Avatars
Startup Year – The Garment District Alliance Unveiling Art Installation
Artlog – Avian Avatars
This Week In New York – Avian Avatars

Myth Makers


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