Deep Tunnels and Caves of Suspended Torn Paper by Angela Glajcar


Depth is not a concept immediately sparked when we think of thin pieces of paper, however artist Angela Glajcar gives the typically 2D medium a new sculptural life—stringing together dozens of sheets to create cavernous works often lit from their core. The trailing sculptures are ripped haphazardly from within to create narrow pathways through their centers, yet their outer edges stay crisp and streamlined throughout space.

Although her sculptures vary in position—the works hang above the viewer’s head, at eye-level, or protrude from a wall—each is always comprised of white paper and textured rips. Channeling caves or mountains, the pieces incorporate light and space just as equally as their material form, works feeling voluminous despite their airy compositions.

Glajcar’s work is currently on display in the exhibition “White is the New Black” at Heitsch Gallery in Munich through Feburary 13, 2016. (via Hi-Fructose and Booooooom)


Images provided by Angela Glajcar




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