A home on the edge of a forest in Denmark

Architectural firm C.F. Møller, have designed a home located on the edge of a forest in Aarhus, Denmark.


The architects were inspired by the unique location of the property in relation to the woods.


The architects wanted to create a house that brings the forest inside through large glass panels, that also create an ever-changing backdrop for the interior spaces.


The exterior of the home is covered in dark patinated zinc, with the landscaping having been completed by Kragh & Berglund.


Wood steps guide you to the front door.


Inside, the interior is mostly an open plan, with the kitchen, dining and living area sharing the space, only somewhat separated by a fireplace.


Running the length of the dining and kitchen area, is a wall of floor-to-ceiling white cabinets.


The dining area has direct views of the forest through the windows.


Breaking up the open-plan design, is a 3-sided glass enclosed fireplace, housed in a rectangular form, that also has storage for firewood.


In this bedroom, the wardrobe is hidden behind a wall that also doubles as the headboard.




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