Fascinating photographs of subway tunnels across the world

When German photographer Timo Stammberger was a kid, his grandfather often took him on trips to a nearby train station, which happened to be adjacent to a freight train yard. He immediately became fascinated by the atmosphere of the track landscape, the thunderous sound of trains passing by, followed by a complete calm. He’s been a ‘track romantic’ ever since, and in 2003, through a former interest in graffiti writing, he started to explore and photograph the underground track landscapes of the cities he lived in: Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt and New York.

Thus launched his ongoing series Underground Landscapes. He explained: “Subway tunnels are part of a large, well-branched mass transit system that is used by many people on a daily basis. In Berlin for example, carrying an average of 1.4 million passengers per day. Public transportation plays an immense role in the daily life of today’s metropolises and has interweaved itself deep into the cityscapes. Rarely, however, do passengers get to see the real beauty of subway tunnels as they travel on their journey through the underground of cities. This quiet world lies below the surface of our daily life. Touched by many, but explored by very few.”

Underground Landscapes depicts subway tunnels of cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, New York, Philadelphia, Lisbon, Barcelona, Stockholm, Dortmund, Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Discover more atwww.timostammberger.com.



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