Dense Mixed-Media Sculptures Depict a Poignant Collision of Urban and Natural Worlds

In a fantastic collision of natural and human-made elements, Minneapolis-based artist Gregory Euclide explores aspects of nature, impermenance, and the human experience in unusual relief artworks that seem to grow and drip from vertical surfaces. Some sculptures are framed inside boxes, contained worlds of topographical chaos incorporating plastic, foam, paper, model elements, architectural and geometric elements, paint, ink, and a host of other mediums. Other artworks are mounted atop standard whiteboards found in classrooms, a nod to his role as a teacher where he’s been known to paint elaborate sumi ink landscapes during his lunch break—all of which are subsequently erased.

Several of the pieces seen here will be on view later this April as part of Euclide’s solo show at Hashimoto Contemporary. You can also explore much of his recent work on Behance.


via colossal


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