Famous Photographers Pose Behind Their Iconic Images

They’re the world’s most iconic images. But unless you’re a photography buff, you probably have no idea who the people behind the lens of these photographs actually are. US photographer Tim Mantoani, however, aims to fix all that with his epic “Behind Photographs” series.

Tim started this series in 2006, when he rented a 20×24 Polaroid camera (itself an extraordinary rarity), which weighed 235 pounds (106kg) and had its own custom wheeled tripod. “The cameras are very unique and render an image of 20×24 images once the film is ‘peeled apart,’” Mantoani told Bored Panda. “Since renting the camera was expensive, I wanted shoot something that was important to myself and I called a couple of photographers that I knew, legendary music shooter, Jim Marshall and sports shooter, Michael Zagaris.”


via artfido


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