Fragile Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

Working with the rigid edges of large dried magnolia leaves artist Susanna Bauer (previously) adds tiny crocheted embellishments of cotton yarn to create fascinating sculptures that marry the natural and artificial world. The fragility of the medium alone—dry leaves—is enough to cause a double take when first encountering these tiny interventions, and a closer look reveals near perfection in Bauer’s stitching, a near Herculean effort in patience. Many of her pieces are almost shockingly intentional, as if the plants had naturally grown this way, while others are more playful, featuring additions or subtractions that reorganize a regular leaf in unexpected ways.

Seen here are all new sculptures created in the last few months. Bauer currently has work on view in her exhibition titled Leaf Works at The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World through May 26, and will be showing new artworks starting next week at Muriel Guépin Gallery in a show called Natural Order. You can see more on her website.


via colossal


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