These cute little planters are designed to stick to almost any surface like a gecko


A team of creative people in San Francisco has designed Livi, a versatile planter that kind of looks like a cute little creature, that can easily stick to windows and walls.

Let’s have a look at how it all came together.

As with most designs, it all started out with sketching the idea.


The finalised sketch was then made into a 3-dimension computer render.


The next step was to 3D print prototypes and begin testing.


To be able to stick to the window, they took inspiration from a gecko, and the way they can cling to walls.


Once the design was finalised, they had a creation they named Livi, a small quirky planter that you can stick to almost any surface.


Here’s a look at the view from the other side of the window.


To put a plant in Livi, you simply place a planted 2″ pot inside.livi-planter_230416_08

Because of the way Livi is designed, it’s also able to stand on the desk by itself.


The suction pads are strong enough for it to be attached to a surface that can move, like a refrigerator door.


Depending on the type of plant you put in it, it’s almost like giving the quirky creature a hair style.



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