This home has made a place for itself next to a river in Patagonia


Remy Architects have designed this home in Patagonia, Argentina, that’s surrounded by forests and incredible views of the Limay River.


The home, which has a large landscaped backyard, provides plenty of space for entertaining.


Here’s a view of the pool.


Stepping stones and wooden stairs connect the garden to the pool deck.


At night, the home, pool and landscaping are all lit up.


Welcoming you to the home, is a large over-sized 4 meter (over 13 feet) main door, made with local Lapacho

Inside, there are three levels that are interconnected by a central space


Perfectly framed views of the river, guarantees there will always be something relaxing to look at.


In this bedroom, a large skylight and surrounding windows, almost make it seem like you’re sleeping under the stars.


Photography by Alejandro Peral


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