9 Ideas For Including Tree Stumps In Your Home Decor


Today we’re sharing 9 tree stumps that have been re-purposed into natural decor pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in your contemporary interior.

1. These colorful bowls are made from reclaimed trees that have fallen on their own.

2. These coffee tables are made from salvaged western red cedar and organic resin to give the old wood a new contemporary decor twist.

3. Rescued tree stumps from Los Angeles serve as the table top of these handmade stools and tables.

4. Thin slices of a tree stump became the base for these DIY airplant holders, and are an easy way to bring plant life into your home.

5. These little tree trunks are a cute way to give a stumpless plant the trunk it’s always dreamed of, plus they just add to the naturalness of your decor.

6. This bowl, made from a thin slice of a tree trunk, can be used to hold decorative things or can be used as a serving plate for snacks like chips or crackers.

7. These tree stumps have been suspended in an acrylic cube to increase surface area and make more space for putting things on….and because it makes them look cool.

8. Cheese and cutting boards created from slices of tree stumps add a rustic yet modern feel to any dinner party.

9. Made by artist Duncan Meerding, these cracked log pendant lamps embrace the naturally occurring cracks in the wood and use them to emit light from within the stump.



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